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3 min readJun 23, 2021
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Tired of commuting to and from work while missing those great moments of togetherness with loved ones? Instead of jamming all the fun and frolic in weekends are you drooling to combine travel and work, without willing to start your own business? In this globalization era of better connectivity, remote working is now much easier than ever. With the flexible policies being offered by a large number of firms, the remote jobs are on the boom now.

Thriving remote jobs means a better pliancy in selecting the living place and lesser commuting needed to save time and money. Such flexibility allows reclaiming that fantastical work-life balance as there is no need to travel and dress formally for meetings.

Major statistics regarding remote jobs:

The Global Remote Working Data & Statistics report by Merchant Savvy states:

  • Since 2005 the remote jobs have increased by 159% which is 11 times faster than rest of the other works.
  • In 2016, 60% of the USA companies offered the telecommuting facility which is a 3 times growth in the last decade.
  • 58% of the businesses in India have the flexible workspace policies.
  • 77% Indian consider the telecommuting as the new norm.

According to ‘Quartz’:

By 2025, the number of people working remotely will increase to 50% of the total workforce.

IT sector, Health care segment, customer services, education, sales and accountings are the major career fields offering the remote job facilities. Flex Jobs, a globally renowned job portal mentioned that Healthcare sector and Computers (IT Jobs) are the most reliable segments for telecommuting jobs.

The most popular work from home jobs includes Accounting, Customer Service Representation, Project Management and Copywriting. Apart from these established job roles, the fastest growing group is Creative arts, Bookkeeping, Graphics Design and Translation/Transcription.

Whether one has customer service experience or expert professional skills, basic computer knowledge or advanced technical skills, there are remote jobs fitted for the qualification. For the remote job seekers here is a list of top telecommuting tasks:

  1. Customer service jobs: Online retailers and digital organizations hire the individuals to manage customer requests.
  2. Call Center Jobs: A remote call center position is a great option for persons with better conversational skills and is high in demands.
  3. Computer Jobs: From a wide range of jobs from advanced programming to entry level data typing and brush-up tasks are easily available. Some are paid based on the projects while other pay for the number of hours worked on the site. Know more presentation tasks is a legit example
  4. Sales & Promotion: Though it might require little travelling but most of the time such tasks can be executed from home. Online and e-mail marketing also comes under this category.
  5. Translation & Transcription jobs: Transcribe, Scribie and many others provide part time/full time jobs in this field.
  6. Web developer and graphic designer jobs: Either working for a company or through freelancing, vast numbers of peoples are making a living out of this highly demanded job.
  7. Coding and app development: Students of computer science may consider this world of fathomless possibilities.

Along with the delight and freedom to work from anyplace the remote jobs are associated with some monetary perks as well. Flex Jobs estimates that an average US person working from home can save 4000$ because dry-cleaning, lunch & coffee, fuel bills and car maintenance cost is eliminated.



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