What are the salient personality traits that enhances your efficiency?

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3 min readJun 19, 2021

With the fierce competition in all businesses, getting the best quality product/service at the stipulated time is very essential for the growth and overall development. Developers must meet the obligations and under heavy work-load, provide their best in the most efficient way. For keeping the pace up, they are required to avoid certain traits which waste the time and deteriorate the output. When asked from several managers and team leaders of big corporate houses (along with some of our community members), about the attributes which lessen the productivity of the development team, the assessment concluded with the following main aspects:

  1. “Achieving the commitments”

Parag Arora, Director at “Revelin7” stated that an important trait for development team is completing the commitments made. The correct estimation, even if it may require some time; must be done before committing any time limit. Predictability thus developed not only helps the firm in getting to know the workability of the team but also increase the credibility as it helps them to deliver their promises to another party.

2. “Managing multiple tasks”

Team lead at UM Technologies, a Bangalore based software firm, Abhishek Kumar answered by stating to stop multi-tasking first and said, “If several tasks are required to be finished in the time limit then they must be executed one after the another with specific time allotted to them”. The concentration and focus of all energy in one task at a time increases the quality by several folds. With the reference of SIPOC diagram he also gave credence to the fact that functionality must be given precedence over the features.

3. “Avoiding the lack of information trap”

Mr. Gopal Iyyer, from TCS, pointed the aspect of clear and focused information related to the goals. Any kind of obscurity in the task confuses and hampers the efficient delivery of the whole team. Such kinds of glitches must be eliminated and instead of doing things based on guesses, clear information must be attained.

4. “Procrastination in general”

One of the most talked over trait was pointed out by Ms Arti Sharma, Manager at IBM India as, “At the start of a project, many of the team members do not display much dedication and with time develop a bad habit of finishing it at the rocket-speed in the end. This unquestionably lowers the quality as they just try to complete it anyhow”. This adverse attitude must be checked at all costs.

5. “Work smarter, not harder!”

The importance of work-life balance was elaborated by Ms Shweta Vashishtha- manager at a leading writing firm. She told that many peoples believe that they will only be successful if 12–14 hours of arduous hard work are devoted to the tasks, which is not even near to reality. “The ‘quantity’ can never be greater than ‘quality’ and this is universally applicable”. The service providers must try to keep themselves calm to attract better ideas. The normal 8 hours of quality performance providing the greater service will not only be beneficial to the person but also to the whole firm in the long run.



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