You have a lot on your plate — meetings, conference calls, and interviews. And then there’s that pesky calendar, which is constantly overflowing and in need of an overhaul. It’s hard enough to keep up with your work responsibilities, but if you’re a recruiter, you also have to juggle the demands of your client. This article will show you ten tools to help you manage your calendar.


You may be familiar with Zoho for your business’s accounting needs. But Zoho also offers excellent productivity tools such as an invoicing system and calendar. The invoicing system lets you set up automated…

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Tired of commuting to and from work while missing those great moments of togetherness with loved ones? Instead of jamming all the fun and frolic in weekends are you drooling to combine travel and work, without willing to start your own business? In this globalization era of better connectivity, remote working is now much easier than ever. With the flexible policies being offered by a large number of firms, the remote jobs are on the boom now.

Thriving remote jobs means a better pliancy in selecting the living place and lesser commuting needed to save time and money. Such flexibility…

The comfort and advantages of working from home are numerous with saving on travel time & costs and more time with family, being the most prominent. The facility was available to some peoples earlier, but now the WFH is being mandated by the firms with government bodies also forcing all to follow it, because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Current ‘work from home’ diktat, aimed at ‘social-distancing’ to limit the employee exposure to potential viral infection and maintaining the business continuity, is also associated with cyber-security risks. …

With the fierce competition in all businesses, getting the best quality product/service at the stipulated time is very essential for the growth and overall development. Developers must meet the obligations and under heavy work-load, provide their best in the most efficient way. For keeping the pace up, they are required to avoid certain traits which waste the time and deteriorate the output. When asked from several managers and team leaders of big corporate houses (along with some of our community members), about the attributes which lessen the productivity of the development team, the assessment concluded with the following main aspects:

Though slowly, but the gender gap in the professional world is tapering with women now making up 48% of the total workforce. The tech industry, with all its claims of being ground-breaking in all facets, is drastically lagging in this aspect. Furthermore, the field of data science has saddening statistics in the gender gap with the presence of only 26% of women (In the US). ‘Data scientist’ being the most demanded job world-wide and many reports state that only 11% of this post is occupied by females.

Several reasons have been accounted for the scenario with lack of mentorship for…

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